21 Meaningful Semicolon Tattoo Designs In 2023

By | May 16, 2023

A semicolon in English often signifies the combination of two important statements or the connection of two sentences without altering their meaning. But did you realise that semicolon tattoo designs hold a lot of value? Yes! Over time, a single semicolon has come to represent positivity and hope. Although they appear simple, semicolons are often used by those who have experienced hardship or lost a loved one to suicide.

In this post, you’ll find 21 beautiful semicolon tattoo ideas along with explanations of what they symbolise. Choose the one you like most.

21 Popular Semicolon Tattoo Designs:

21 Popular Semicolon Tattoo Ideas: Here are some well-known and real semicolon tattoo ideas that might complement your personality.

1. Small Semicolon Tattoo Ideas:

The semicolon tattoo doesn’t necessarily take too much design because the meaning behind it is in addition to its beauty. Instead, the individual has a little tattoo of a semicolon that might serve as a reminder of the courage it requires to get through a difficult moment in their life. Anywhere on your body, including your ankle, finger, shoulder, or neck, this tattoo may look fantastic. If you don’t want to use black ink, you may, in addition, use vibrant colours.

2. Smiling Semicolon Tattoo Images:

This original semicolon tattoo art also matches the smiley face. By including a curve below the semicolon, it features a winking face. This is an option for those who don’t want others to know about their experiences or connections to the semicolon tattoo’s meaning. This tattoo is available anyplace in bright colours or ink, such as black.

3. Simple Semicolon Tattoo Designs:

The semicolon tattoo on the wrist offers a very powerful reminder to the person that they are not to give up on life and should continue to be strong. It has been placed on the wearer’s wrist, which may be of tremendous significance to them. Even though the tattoo appears beautiful in stark black, you may always play around with different hues.

4. Heart Semicolon Tattoo Ideas:

Including a heart in your semicolon design might be a beautiful and trendy choice. The addition of a heart rather than a dot gives the pattern its originality. The tattoo design also has strong lines filled with black ink. Anywhere on the body, but specifically on the neck, wrist, leg, shoulder, or even behind the ear, this tattoo looks fantastic.

5. Semicolon Arrow Tattoo:

For being basic, this stunning semicolon tattoo is really striking. The tattoo act as a reminder that the bearer is in charge of their fate and that their tale may take any path they choose. By capturing the past, we may constantly work towards living better lives. The tattoo looks best when it is inked on a leg or arm because of how lengthy it is. If you want to customise the tattoo any further, you can always add a feather to the end of the arrow.

6. Cool Semicolon Tattoo Ideas For Guys:

Another beautifully drawn semicolon tattoo that would turn anyone around is this one. Although black ink is typically used, you may also use other colours to give the straightforward tattoo design appeal. You can get the tattoo done on your neck, shoulder, or wrist, but it looks especially good next to your thumb.

7. Infinity Semicolon Tattoo:

The addition of the semicolon within the unending sign deepens the meaning of the typical infinity symbol, which already has extensive significance. The tattoo may also imply that the significance of the semicolon is represented. In black ink, the tattoo appears best. To add a splash to the tattoo, you can play with a few hues.

8. Creative Semicolon Tattoos:

We all regularly search for artistic methods to exhibit our passion for particular subjects through tattoos. The same may be seen well in this semicolon tattoo. The comma is inked in strong ink on the semicolon tattoo. The dot, on the other hand, is plain and unfilled, giving it a geometric finish. Depending on your preferences, you can alter the pattern’s appearance.

9. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo:

When you look attentively, the semicolon butterfly tattoo has a profound message. The tattoo’s symbolism is further enhanced with the inclusion of a semicolon. A butterfly is a symbol of change. Additionally, it can indicate that the wearer miraculously recovered from a sad and suicidal mood. The straightforward butterfly may easily be made more attractive by adding colour while maintaining the semicolon in black ink. On the wrist, back of the neck, shoulder, or foot, this tattoo looks amazing.

10. Semicolon Flower Tattoo Ideas:

Another well-liked tattoo design option is the flower. And you may further enhance the idea by placing a sweet tiny semicolon in the flower’s core. The flower, for instance, may represent enduring challenges and arrive at a happy position in one’s life. On the upper arm, shoulder, wrist, and neck, this tattoo looks its finest.

11. Cute Semicolon Heart Tattoo Design:

If you want a simple tattoo featuring a semicolon, this design is a fantastic option. Supporting the cause of death awareness is the meaning behind the semicolon tattoo, which may be made more attractive by including a sweet small heart. You may get the tattoo on your fingers, the inside of your ear, or the outside of your wrist because it is so attractive and little.

12. Unique Semicolon Tattoos:

Although many people consider suicide to be taboo, knowledge is crucial to stop more deaths. With a semicolon tattoo, one may show their support for suicide survivors and the difficult journey they face every day. The tattoo is made even more intimate and heartfelt by the inclusion of pulse symbols on either side of the semicolon. This tattoo looks fantastic on the wrists, arms, or ribs.

13. Semicolon Tattoo Template With Music Symbol:

Let’s say you love music and want your tattoo to convey a powerful statement. Then, this music-themed semicolon design is the ideal option. The music sign has a dark point at the end that resembles a dot; by adding a comma, you may create a fantastic semicolon tattoo. Sleek and strong lines are combined in this tattoo, and they work nicely together.

14. Meaningful Semicolon Tattoo Design:

Another stunning tattoo of a semicolon shows the severity of the subject in excellent fashion. The word “warrior” is engraved beneath a sweet tiny heart. The absence of the letter “i” in the word “warrior” gives the logo a unique look. The addition of an arrow represents how one’s life progresses after a trying time.

15. Special Semicolon Tattoo:

Another semicolon tattoo design, this time with the addition of a sweet small musical note. The use of strong lines gives the design its originality even if it appears simple. To make the tattoo more distinctive and special, you might use a few colours instead of only black ink. The arm, wrist, ankle, thigh, or neck are the ideal locations to receive tattoos.

16. Simple Semicolon Design:

You won’t regret going with this simple semicolon tattoo if fancy tattoos aren’t your style. Despite being basic and simple, this tattoo has an important message. If you want to keep your tattoo simple, you don’t have to go all out with structured designs. You may wear it on your neck, wrist, finger, arm, chest, or foot, and it will look stunning in any location.

17. Neck Semicolon Tattoo:

If you want to cover or show off your semicolon tattoo depending on your mood, getting one on your neck is a perfect choice. Simply let your hair down to hide it if you need to cover it up while working. It allows you the chance to experiment with different updos that can show off your neck tattoo when you want to flaunt it in front of the world. This tattoo looks really adorable because the semicolon’s dot is a heart.

18. Your Story Semicolon Tattoo:

“Your story has not ended.”Such a powerful and uplifting phrase that perfectly captures the meaning of a semicolon. This tattoo acknowledges individuals who struggle with depression on a daily basis. If you have survived a suicide attempt, you may openly tattoo this on your body to show that you have overcome a difficult time in your life. Additionally, this tattoo serves as a reassuring reminder and a subtly conveyed message of optimism for better days ahead. This tattoo may be applied on your wrist, thigh, back, or arm.

19. Quote Semicolon Tattoo:

You might not even need an elaborate theory to express how you feel or how you feel about anything; just a quotation and a semicolon will do. If you want a tattoo that motivates you every day, this lovely pricing with a semicolon is ideal.It makes a strong statement to have “This too shall pass” printed in a stylish typeface next to your simple semicolon tattoo. This tattoo is available for your arm.

20. Semicolon Tattoo Behind The Ear:

Due to its unexpectedness and privacy, getting a tattoo behind your ear is becoming increasingly popular. This way, you won’t have to constantly show it off. Simply changing your hair, you may effortlessly display or hide your tattoo. The little space behind your ear is ideal for a subdued tattoo like a semicolon. However, since the skin behind the ear is so delicate and sensitive, it is also one of the most painful sites to have a tattoo.

21. Simple Semicolon Tattoo On The Wrist:

The most popular location for semicolon tattoos is on the side of the wrist. This tiny section just takes a few minutes to have tattooed, despite the fact that it is a rather uncomfortable location to tattoo. Additionally, the wrist is the most popular location for matching partner or group tattoos.

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